Victoria: Responsories

Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories
Tallis Scholars - Peter Phillips
Gimell 022
Gimell 454 922


  1. Amicus meus
  2. Iudas mercator pessimus
  3. Unus ex discipulis meis
  4. Eram quasi agnus
  5. Una hora
  6. Seniores populi
  7. Tamquam ad latronem
  8. Tenebrae factae sunt
  9. Animam meam dilectam
  10. Tradiderunt me
  11. Iesum tradidit impius
  12. Caligaverunt oculi mei
  13. Recessit pastor noster
  14. O vos omnes
  15. Ecce quomodo moritur
  16. Astiterunt reges
  17. Aestimatus sum
  18. Sepulto Domino

Playing time: 66'

Production date: 1990

Together with Palestrina, Victoria is considered a leading composer of the counter-Reformation. He wrote nothing but sacred music. The Tenebrae Responsories are one of his most inspired settings, in three voices, and follow strict liturgical practice as regards to form.

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