Pastime with Good Company

Pastime with Good Company
Globe GLO CX 15004 [LP]


    Henry VIII
  1. Pastime with Good Company

  2. William Byrd
  3. Come woeful Orpheus

  4. Thomas Weelkes
  5. The nightingale, the organ of delight

  6. John Wilbye
  7. Sweet honey sucking bees

  8. John Bennet
  9. Weep, o mine eyes

  10. Thomas Weelkes
  11. Hark, all ye lovely saints above

  12. William Cornish
  13. Ah, Robin

  14. Thomas Bateson
  15. Phyllis, farewell

  16. Anon., Irish
  17. The Sally Gardens

  18. ----
    Orlando di Lasso
  19. Mon coeur se recommande à vous

  20. Jan Pietersz Sweelinck
  21. Tu as tout seul

  22. Claude le Jeune
  23. Une puce

  24. Giovanni da Palestrina
  25. Quam pulchri sunt

  26. Tomás Luis de Victoria
  27. Ave Maria

  28. Orlando di Lasso
  29. O occhi, manza mia

  30. Adriano Banchieri
  31. Capricciata a tre voci ... Contraponto bestiale alla mente

  32. Manuel Oltra (1922)
  33. Bestiari (Pere Quart)
    1. Rata-Pinyada
    2. Rossinyol Caduc
    3. Elefant

Machteld van Woerden (soprano), Paula de Wit (soprano), Alma Bos (contralto), Maarten Koningsberger (tenor), Marcel Moester (bass)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1982 or prior];
Rel.: 1982

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