Locke suites

Locke: Seven Suites
from The Little Consort, The Broken Consort, Tripla Concordia
The Locke Consort
Globe 5027


  1. Suite No. 4 in C major (Broken Consort, I)
  2. Suite No. 3 in C major (Broken Consort, I)
  3. Suite No. 4 in F major (Broken Consort, II)
  4. Suite in G minor (Tripla Concordia)
  5. Suite No. 4 in Bb major (Little Consort)
  6. Suite No. 5 in D minor (Broken Consort, I)
  7. Suite No. 6 in D major (Broken Consort, I)

Performers: Udbhava Wilson Meyer, Mimi Mitchell (violins), Susanne Braumann (viol), Fred Jacobs (theorbo)

Playing time: 56'

Recording date: August 1989

This recording provides examples from each of Locke's major publications of chamber music for violins. The Broken Consort is the most substantial, as remarked -- the suites Part I use the fantasia-dances form of the Consort of Fower Parts, while those of Part II open with the more old-fashioned Pavan.

The Little Consort consists of similar suites, but aimed at beginners. However, the music is still appealing, and the achievement of writing interesting music for performers of limited technical prowess is impressive. Tripla Concordia was a composite publication from Locke's old age, to which he contributed the suite on this disc. In this case, the form is completely different, being closer to that used by the contemporary French lute and harpsichord composers -- a prelude, followed by a series of short dances (with "doubles") to form a nine movement suite; this is also Locke's most original harmonic writing, though on the scale of a miniature.

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Todd M. McComb