English Consort Songs

Music of the Spheres
English Consort Songs and Instrumental Music of the Late 16th Century
Koningsberger / Fentross / Brisk Recorder Quartet
Globe 5163


  1. Byrd: Ye sacred muses
  2. Byrd: Fantasia a 4
  3. Byrd: Come to me, grief, forever
  4. Richard Nicholson (c.1570-1639): No more, good herdsman
  5. Nicholson: I am not I of such belief
  6. Dowland: Can she excuse my wrongs
  7. Dowland: The Earl of Essex's Galliard
  8. Dowland: Shall I strive with words to move
  9. Dowland: Mr. Henry Noell his Galliard
  10. Nicholas Strogers (c.1555-c.1610): A doleful deadly pang
  11. Strogers: Mistrust not truth
  12. Dowland: Fortune my foe
  13. Sweelinck: Engelsche Fortuyn
  14. Scheidt: Cantilena Anglica Fortunae
  15. John Bennet (c.1570-c.1614): Eliza, her name gives honour
  16. William Wigthorpe (c.1570-c.1610): Were I made juror
  17. Dowland: Paduan
  18. Dowland / Wigthorpe: Sorrow, come

Performers: Maarten Koningsberger (baritone), Mike Fentross (lute), Marjan Banis, Alide Verheij, Jantien Westerveld, Bert Honig (recorders)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: March 1997 (Utrecht)

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Todd M. McComb