Sweelinck: Keyboard Music

Sweelinck: Keyboard Music
Anneke Uittenbosch
Globe 6035


  1. Est-ce Mars (harpsichord)
  2. Ick voer al over Rhijn (harpsicord)
  3. Fantasia Chromatica, d minor (harpsichord)
  4. Malle Sijmen (harpsichord)
  5. More palatino (harpsichord)
  6. Onder een linde groen (harpsichord)
  7. Poolse Dans (harpsichord)
  8. Toccata, a minor (harpsichord)
  9. Pavana Lachrimae (virginal)
  10. Pavana hispanica (organ)
  11. Toccata, a minor (organ)
  12. Echo Fantasia (organ)
  13. Mein junges Leben hat ein End (organ)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: 1989

Previously issued as: Globe 5030

A recording of similar keyboard music by the present performer:

Philips: Harpsichord Music
Anneke Uittenbosch
Etcetera 45609

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