Golden Harvest

Golden Harvest
More Shaker Chants and Spirituals
The Shakers of Sabbathday Lake & The Boston Camerata - Joël Cohen, dir.
Glissando 020


  1. Stone Prison: Stone Prison
  2. Stone Prison: Trumpet Peace
  3. Stone Prison: Voice Of The Angels Of Mercy
  4. Upon This Fair Soil: O Zion Arise
  5. Upon This Fair Soil: Joyful Praises
  6. Upon This Fair Soil: Rights Of Conscience
  7. Upon This Fair Soil: The Blessings Of Peace
  8. Upon This Fair Soil: Holy Habitation
  9. Upon This Fair Soil: Thanksgiving
  10. Upon This Fair Soil: A Suite Of Five Dance Tunes
  11. Sweep As I Go: Solemn Song Of The Ancients
  12. Sweep As I Go: Mother Ann's Song
  13. Sweep As I Go: Path Of Sorrow
  14. Sweep As I Go: Fall On The Rock
  15. Sweep As I Go: Sweep As I Go
  16. Gift Songs: Birds: Philomela
  17. Gift Songs: Birds: Mourning Dove
  18. Gift Songs: Birds: Mother's Pretty Dove
  19. Gift Songs: Birds: Consoling Dove
  20. Gift Songs: Native Spirits: Woben Mesa Crelana (Indian Song)
  21. Gift Songs: Native Spirits: He Haw Tallabo (Indian Song)
  22. Gift Songs: Native Spirits: Indian Song
  23. Gift Songs: Native Spirits: Negro Songs
  24. Gift Songs: Native Spirits: Pretty Home
  25. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: Angel Of Light
  26. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: Angel Invitation
  27. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: Four Little Angels
  28. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: Sweet Angels Come Nearer
  29. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: Mother's Comforting Promise
  30. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: Holy Order Song
  31. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: O Come, Come Away
  32. Gift Songs: Heavenly Spirits: The Savior's Cheering Promise
  33. The Golden Harvest: Behold The Day
  34. The Golden Harvest: All Glean With Care
  35. The Golden Harvest: The Harvest
  36. The Golden Harvest: Angel Reapers
  37. The Golden Harvest: Light
  38. The Golden Harvest: The Angel Reapers
  39. The Shakers Of Sabbathday Lake, Maine, in conversation with Joël Cohen

Performers:The Boston Camerata [Anne Azéma (soprano), Margaret Frazier (soprano), Deborah Leath Rentz (contralto), Timothy Leigh Evans (tenor), Dan Hershey (tenor), Donal Wilkinson (baritone), Joel Frederiksen (bass)] - Joël Cohen, dir.; Members of the Harvard University Choir - Murray Forbes Somerville, dir.; Members of Youth Pro Musica - Hazel Somerville, dir.; The Shaker Family of Sabbathday Lake, Maine; Joël Cohen, general direction.

Playing time: 76' 36"

Recording dates:
Shaker Village, Sabbathday Lake, Maine [07-08/2000]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 478-95 (february 2001)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 24/2-154 (November/December 2000)
Goldberg (#-p.):

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