The Spirit of Gambo

The Spirit of Gambo
Music by Tobias Hume
Emma Kirkby / Labyrinto - Paolo Pandolfo
Glossa 920402
Glossa "Reprise" 402
Glossa 80402



  1. Cease leaden slumber
  2. The Spirite of Musicke
  3. The Pashion of Musicke
  4. An Almaine
  5. The Spirit of Gambo

  6. Start
  7. A Pollish Vilanell
  8. The Spirit of Gambo
  9. Sweet ayre
  10. A Mery Conceit
  11. Captaine Hume

  12. Captaine Humes Pavan
  13. A Jigge
  14. A Souldiers Resolution
  15. The Earle of Pembrookes Galiard
  16. Deth
  17. Life
  18. Captaine Humes Galliard
  19. This sport is ended
  20. Love

  21. My Joyes are Comming
  22. Fain would I change that note
  23. My Mistresse hath a pretty thing
  24. Touch me lightly
  25. Tickle me quickly
  26. She loves it well
  27. Hit it in the middle
  28. Adue sweet love
  29. I am Melancholy
  30. What greater griefe
  31. Loves Pastime

Performers: Emma Kirkby (soprano), Paolo Pandolfo (viol), Guido Balestracci (viol), Juan Manuel Quintana (viol), Alba Fresno (viol), Eduardo Eguez (theorbo, lute, guitar, bandora)

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: December 1995 (Switzerland)

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Todd M. McComb