Guerrero: Requiem

Guerrero: Requiem
Orchestra of the Renaissance - Richard Cheetham & Michael Noone
Glossa 921402
Glossa 920012
Glossa "Cabinet" 81402


  1. Guerrero: Processional - Quand'os miro, mi Dios (instrumental)
  2. Guerrero: Introit - Requiem aeternam
  3. Guerrero: Kyrie
  4. Chant: Collect - Deus, qui inter apostolicos
  5. Chant: Epistle
  6. Guerrero: Gradual - Requiem aeternam
  7. Guerrero: Tract - Absolve, Domine
  8. Chant: Sequence - Dies irae
  9. Chant: Gospel
  10. Guerrero: Offertory - Domine Jesu Christe
  11. Chant: Preface
  12. Guerrero: Sanctus
  13. Cabezón: Tiento sobre "Ad Dominum cum tribularer" (organ)
  14. Chant: Pater noster
  15. Guerrero: Agnus Dei
  16. Guerrero: Communion - Luceat eis a 5
  17. Chant: Postcommunion
  18. Juan Esquivel: Processional - In paradisum (instrumental)
  19. Guerrero: Hei mihi, Domine
  20. Chant: Prayer - Non intres in judicium
  21. Guerrero: Responsory - Libera me, Domine
  22. Guerrero: Kyrie
  23. Josquin: Pater noster
  24. Chant: Prayer - Deus, qui inter apostolicos
  25. Chant: Antiphon - In paradisum

Performers: Josep Cabré (solo chant), Simon Davies (solo chant, tenor), Charles Humphries (countertenor), Fergus McLusky (countertenor), Christopher Watson (tenor), Warren Trevelyan-Jones (tenor), Tom Phillips (tenor), Charles Gibbs (bass), Robert Evans (bass), Jean-Pierre Canihac (cornet), Beatrice Delpierre (alto shawm), Francis Mercet (tenor shawm), Richard Cheetham (sackbut), Patrick Jackman (sackbut), William Lyons (dulcian), Siobhán Armstrong (harp), Raphael Mizraki (tabor), Alastair Ross (organ)

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: February & July 1999 (London)

This is a reconstruction, based on imprecise detail, of the Requiem mass performed at the burial service for Guerrero himself at Seville in 1599.

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