Morales en Toledo

Cristóbal de Morales: Polifonía inédita del Códice 25 de la Catedral de Toledo
Ensemble Plus Ultra - Michael Noone
Glossa 922001


  1. Asperges me
  2. Et factum est postquam (Códice 21)
  3. Sacris solemniis
  4. Eripe me
  5. Urbs beata Jerusalem
  6. Nova resultent gaudia
  7. Felix per omnes
  8. Nunc dimittis
  9. Gloria laus et honor (Códice 21)
  10. Et incarnatus est (Códice 16)
  11. Jam Christus astra ascenderat
  12. Veni redemptor gentium
  13. Monstra te esse
  14. Ave maris stella

Performers: Susan Hamilton, Grace Davidson (soprano), Clare Wilkinson, Mark Chambers, David Martin (alto), Ashley Turnell, Tom Phillips, Warren Trevelyan-Jones, Angus Smith (tenor), Matthew Brook, Eamonn Dougan (baritone), Charles Gibbs, Robert Macdonald (bass)

Playing time: 77'04

Recording date: March 2004 (St Jude-on-the-Hill, London)

Consisting entirely of premiere recordings, the present program represents the result of the recent "rediscovery" of a sizeable collection of motets by Morales. Dating from the composer's years as chapelmaster at the cathedral of Toledo (1545-47) after returning to Spain from papal service, most of the works recorded here are preserved in the badly-damaged and long inaccessible manuscript codex 25 of the cathedral. The employment of musical materials and forms specific to the Toledo liturgy and ritual throws light on an underexplored aspect of Morales's artistic legacy.

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