A Greek Byzantine Christmas

A Greek Byzantine Christmas
Ted Alevizos
Gnision TA 1451


  1. Christmas Doxology
  2. Trisagion

  3. Nativity Cycle by Sophronios, Patriarch of Jerusalem (634-638)
  4. Bethlehem prepare
  5. The prophecy is fulfilled
  6. Joseph said to the Virgin
  7. This is our God
  8. Before your birth
  9. Joseph is asked to explain
  10. Come all you faithful
  11. Listen O heaven
  12. Come all Christ bearers
  13. Herod was angered
  14. Joseph, still sad
  15. Today He is born
  16. Nativity Canon by St. John Damascene (8th c.)
  17. Nativity Canon by St. John Damascene (8th c.)
  18. Canon for Christmas by St. Cosmas
  19. Canon for Christmas
  20. Canon for Christmas
  21. Nativity Canon by Cosmas of Crete (8th c.)
  22. Hymn to the Theotokos
  23. Holy, Holy, Holy - Triumphal Hymn
  24. Hymn of Faith
  25. Christmas Hymn by St. John Damascene (8th c.)

Performers: Ted Alevizos (chant)

Playing time: 35'

Production date: 2002

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Todd M. McComb