A Greek Byzantine Easter

A Greek Byzantine Easter
Ted Alevizos
Gnision TA 6518


    Canons and Hymns for Holy Week

  1. St. John Damascene: Canon for the Annunciation
  2. St. Cosmas: Canon for Palm Sunday
  3. St. Cosmas: Canon for Palm Sunday
  4. Hymn for Holy Thursday
  5. St. Cosmas: Canon for Holy Thursday
  6. St. Cosmas: Canon for Holy Thursday
  7. Antiphon for Good Friday
  8. Antiphon for Good Friday
  9. Antiphon for Good Friday
  10. Hymn for Holy Thursday
  11. Troparion for Holy Thursday
  12. Hirmos for Holy Thursday
  13. Trisagion Good Friday
  14. Sophronios, Patriarch of Jerusalsm (634-38): Good Friday Cycle

  15. Today the curtain of the Temple
  16. Like a sheep
  17. When you were seized
  18. Out of fear of the Jews
  19. As the soldiers mocked
  20. As You were led to the Cross
  21. Thus spoke the Lord
  22. Pharisees and lawmakers of Israel
  23. Come all you Christ bearing people
  24. It was a wonder
  25. When the lawless nailed
  26. Today is hung on the Cross
  27. Resurrection Hymns

  28. Troparion Good Friday
  29. Resurrection Verse
  30. Resurrection Verse
  31. Resurrection Verse
  32. Resurrection Troparion
  33. Resurrection Troparion
  34. Canon for Holy Saturday
  35. Easter Sunday Hymns

  36. Resurrection Refrain (14th c.)
  37. Canon for Easter Sunday
  38. Canon for Easter Sunday
  39. Canon for Easter Sunday
  40. Canon for Easter Sunday
  41. Troparion for Easter Sunday
  42. Resurrection Hymn
  43. Resurrection Verse
  44. Resurrection Verse
  45. Resurrection Verse
  46. St. John Damascene: Great Easter Canon
  47. Resurrection Refrain (14th c.)

Performers: Ted Alevizos (chant)

Playing time: 56'

Production date: 2002

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