Songs from the Taverne

Songs from the Taverne
Ballads and songs from the time of Chaucer
J. Banks, M. Spring, S. Lindo, L. Wesseling, M. Wandor, The Oxford Girls' Choir
The Gift of Music CDG1059 [CD]


  1. Saltarello
  2. Angelus ad Virginem
  3. La Manfredina
  4. Amoroso
  5. Hyer matin
  6. Saltarello II
  7. Ductia II
  8. Quant voi la fleur
  9. Estampie Royale
  10. Ductia I
  11. Sumer is icumen in
  12. Brawle
  13. Danse royale
  14. J'atendray tant
  15. Foy porter
  16. Bourgogne Brawle
  17. Angelus ad Virginem
  18. Trolly Lolly
  19. Anxi bon youre
  20. Tout leis enmi
  21. Tout par compas
  22. Ductia III

Jon Banks (gittern and harp, dulcimer, percussion), Matthew Spring (lute, gittern, hurdy-gurdy, percussion), Sharon Lindo (rebec, medieval fiddle, pipes, pipe and tabor), Lisette Wesseling (voice - French songs), Michelene Wandor (recorder)
The Oxford Girls' Choir

Playing time: 60' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2003 or prior];
Rel.: 2003

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