Making Merrye

Making Merrye
Joyful medieval song and dances
S. Stowe, S. Lindo, J. Banks, Matthew Spring et al.
The Gift of Music CDG1062 [CD]


  1. Bear Dance
  2. Pied du Cheval
  3. Agincourt Carol
  4. Quene Note
  5. Montard Brawle
  6. Mi very joye
  7. Io no tango
  8. Ductia IV
  9. Scaramella
  10. Alma redemptoris mater
  11. Ein Welsh tanz
  12. Der Hauff auff
  13. Ductia V
  14. Ductia VI
  15. The Harpist
  16. Estampie
  17. Saltarello
  18. Mirie it is
  19. Worldes bliss
  20. Ductia VII
  21. My love's coming home
  22. To Vigo's sea come haste
  23. Lamento
  24. Ductia VIII

[1]-[15], [17]-[18], [20]-[24] Sara Stowe (voice, pipe and tabor), Sharon Lindo (pipes), Jon Banks (voice, gittern, harp, dulcimer, percussion, shawm), Matthew Spring (lute, gittern, hurdy-gurdy, percussion)
[16] The Oxford Girls' Choir
[19] John Rowlands-Pritchard
with Michelene Wandor recorder (recorder)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [2003 or prior];
Rel.: 2003

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