Music for a Medieval Abbey

Angelic Voices
Heavenly music from a medieval abbey - The music of Hildegard von Bingen
Oxford Girl's Choir - Richard Vendome
The Gift of Music CCL CDG 1028 [CD]
Gift of Music 1289 [CD]


    Hildegard von Bingen
  1. O vos angeli
  2. Studium divinitatis
  3. O successores
  4. Kyrie
  5. O quam mirabilis
  6. O viridissima
  7. O orzchis ecclesia
  8. Columba aspexit
  9. O nobilissima viriditas
  10. O pater omnium
  11. Vos flores rosarum
  12. Laus Trinitate
  13. O Euchari
  14. Ordo virtutum
  15. Precession: In principio omnes

Playing time: 65' 00"

Oxford Girl's Choir - Richard Vendome, dir.
Singers: Penelope Smith-Martin, Victoria Couper, Emily Levy, John Rowlands-Pritchard
David Bevan, Ciaran O'Keefe, Hannah Taylor (bombarde), Zachary Taylor (organistrum)

Recording site and date:
Chapel of All Saints Convent, Oxford, UK [1998 or prior];
Rel. 1998, 2016

Information from Jorge Salazar.

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Todd M. McComb