Pastyme with Good Companye

Pastyme with Good Companye
Tudor Music from Hampton Court Palace
Forbury Consort / I Fagiolini - Robert Hollingworth
Griffin 2365 [CD]
Griffin 4087 [CD]


  1. Henry VIII: Pastyme with good companye
  2. Anon: Madame d'amours
  3. Susato: Dont vient cela
  4. Anon: And I war a maydyn
  5. Cornysh: A robyn, gentyl robyn
  6. Anon: Danse de Cleves
  7. Cornysh: Trolly lolly
  8. Philip van Wilder: Je fille quant Dieu
  9. Wilder: Un jeune moyne
  10. Henry VIII: Departure is my chief payne
  11. Henry VIII: Grene growith the holy
  12. Brumel: Je despite tous
  13. Wilder: De vous servir
  14. Anon: Angelus ad Virginem
  15. Busnois: Fortuna desperata
  16. Capirola: Padoana
  17. Anon: Englond be glad
  18. Henry VIII: En vray amoure
  19. Anon: Greensleeves
  20. Wilder: Une nonnain refaite
  21. Anon: Hey troly loly lo
  22. Francesco de Torrés: Bassa Danza "Alta"
  23. Capirola: Gentil Princep
  24. Hayne van Ghizeghem: De tous bien plane
  25. Phalèse: Galliarde Ferrareze
  26. Henry VIII: Helas Madam
  27. Anon: (instrumental)
  28. Anon: Hoyda jolly rutterkin

Performers: Peter Gritton (countertenor), Hugh Wilson (tenor), John Bowen (tenor, percussion), Roderick Williams (baritone), Robert Hollingworth (countertenor, percussion, harp, recorder); Steven Player (lute, guitar, percussion); Jane Watkins (recorders, crumhorns), Rhiannon Thomas (recorders, crumhorn, viol), Karen Morgan (recorders), Kate Green (recorders, percussion), Alan Crumpler (recorders, crumhorn, percussion, viol)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: June 1992 (Hampton Court Palace); reissued: 2020

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Todd M. McComb