Stuart Age Music

Stuart Age Music
Tunes from Troubled Times
Griffin GCCD 4007 [CD]


    Trad., English
  1. Medley
    1. The Whim
    2. Bobbing Joe
    3. Goddesses
    4. Red House
    5. Grimstock

  2. Elizabeth Rogers
  3. When The King Enjoys His Own Again (harpsichord solo)

  4. Trad., English
  5. When the King Enjoys His Own Again, folk song

  6. William Lawes
  7. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may

  8. Trad., English
  9. Johney Cock Thy Beaver

  10. Anon., Balcarres Lute Book
  11. I wish I were where Helen lies

  12. Trad., English (from Anne Cromwell's Virginal Book, 1638)
  13. The Witches

  14. Henry Purcell, King Arthur, or The British Worthy, Z 628
  15. Fairest Isles

  16. Trad., English
  17. I Serve a Worthy Lady, song

  18. Thomas Ravenscroft
  19. Martin Said to His Man (for voice(s) & ensemble)

  20. Michel Farinel
  21. La Folia, Division On A Ground

  22. Nicholas Lanier
  23. No More Shall Meads Be Decked with Flowers (song)

  24. Anon., Scottish, Balcarres Lute Book
  25. Green Grow the Rashes O!

  26. Thomas Ravenscroft
  27. Tomorrow the Fox Will Come to Town

  28. Anon., English, after Dowland; (from Anne Cromwell's Virginal Book)
  29. Frog's Galliard (arrangement for harpsichord)

  30. Trad., English
  31. The Jolly Barber

  32. Anon., English
  33. Greensleeves to a Ground

  34. Trad., English, (from Anne Cromwell's Viginal Book, 1638)
  35. A Masque

  36. Anon.
  37. The Queen's Masques

  38. Trad., English
  39. The Saint Turned Sinner

  40. Anon., English
  41. Daphne, (for harpsichord)

  42. William Lawes
  43. No, No, Fair Heretic

  44. Trad., English
  45. Medley
    1. Heart's Ease
    2. Chuckholds all in a Row
    3. Hockley in the Hole

Sara Stowe (soprano, harpsichord), Matthew Spring (theorbo, viol, lute, cittern), Jon Banks (harp, viol), Henry Stobart (recorder)

Playing time: ??' ??"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1996 or prior];
Rel.: 1996

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