Tudor Minstrel Music

Court Jesters
Tudor Minstrel Music: Dowland / Byrd / Henry VIII
Sirinu - Jon Banks
Griffin 4013


  1. Wolsey's Wilde (bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, percussion)
  2. Cornysh: And I were a Maiden (voice, 2 viols, recorder)
  3. My Lady Carey's Dump (harpsichord)
  4. Holborne: The Night Watch (2 recorders, lute, viol)
  5. Cornish: I beshrew you (3 voices)
  6. Carol (dulcimer)
  7. Edward Johnson: Eliza is the fairest Queen (voice, harp, lute, recorder)
  8. Medley (cittern)
  9. Cornysh: I am a jolly Foster (voice, bagpipes)
  10. Votre trey dowce regaunt (harp)
  11. Ravenscroft: We be three poor Mariners (3 voices)
  12. Pavan (4 crumhorns, percussion)
  13. Dowland: Tarleton's Riserrectione (lute)
  14. Broadside Ballads: The Poor People's Complaint & Ring out your Bells (voice, cittern, guitar, recorder)
  15. Ravenscroft: New Oyster Street Cries (4 voices)
  16. Le Pied de cheval (hurdy-gurdy, crumhorns, percussion)
  17. Philip van Wilder: Arthur's Dump (lute, harp)
  18. Cornysh: Hoyda, jolly Rutterkin (3 voices)
  19. Dowland: Say Love, if ever thou did'st find (voice, lute)
  20. Daunce (harpsichord)
  21. Westron Wind (lute, harp, recorder)
  22. Byrd: Fantasia (recorder, 2 viols)
  23. Cornysh: Blow thy horn hunter (voice, shawms)
  24. Byrd: La Volta (harpsichord)
  25. Henry VIII: Pastime with good company (voice, mixed winds)
  26. Dance Tune Medley (bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, pipe & tabor, percussion)

Performers: Sarah Stowe (soprano, winds, percussion, keyboards), Jon Banks (harp, guitar, winds, viol, voice), Henry Stobart (recorder, pipe & tabor, bagpipes, winds, voice), Matthew Spring (lute, cittern, hurdy-gurdy, viol, winds, voice)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: September 1996 (Cambridge)

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Todd M. McComb