Saxophone - Ars Subtilior

Saxophone - Ars Subtilior
Xasax - Marcus Weiss
Hat Art "Now" 107


  1. Hugues Dufourt: Quatour pour saxophones (1990)
  2. Jacob de Senleches: En attendent esperance
  3. Bernardo Maria Kuczer: Even... the loudest sky! (1981)
  4. Senleches: En ce gracieux tamps
  5. Alvaro Carlevaro: Quiebros (1993/4)
  6. Senleches: Fuions de ci
  7. Henri Pousseur: Vue sur les jardins interdits (1973)

Performers: Serge Bertocchi, Jean-Michel Goury, Pierre Stéphane Meugé, Marcus Wiess

Playing time: 53'

Recording dates: June 1995, September 1996, March 1997

This program features saxophone quartet or trio, and alternates very contemporary compositions explicitly for such an ensemble with the Ars Subtilior pieces by Senleches. The Senleches pieces are only about 10 minutes of the program, but feature some interesting sonorities on the saxophones.

The contemporary works offer some variety, and definitely have some enjoyable moments, even if they are very different in style from the medieval pieces for which this disc is listed here.

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Todd M. McComb