A Treasury of Early Music

A Treasury of Early Music - An Anthology of Masterworks of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque, volume 1: Music of the Middle Ages
Schola Cantorum - Bernard Lewkovitch, cond. & various artists
Haydn Society recording HSE / ST*HSE 7-9100 [LP-mono / stereo]
Haydn Society recording CD 7-9100


    Anon., Ambrosian liturgy:
  1. Psalmellus: Redde mihi

  2. Anon., Gallican liturgy:
  3. Improperia: Popule meus

  4. Anon., Mozarabic liturgy:
  5. Antiphon: Gaudete populi

  6. Anon., Roman liturgy:
  7. Hymn: Veni creator spiritus

  8. Anon.:
  9. Liturgical drama: Infantem vidimus

  10. ----
    Bernart de Ventadorn:
  11. Canso: Be m'an perdut

  12. Alfonso el Sabio (attr.), Escurial MS:
  13. Cantiga 244: Gran dereit' é que mal venna ao que ten en desden

  14. Anon., XIII-XIVth c.:
  15. Lauda: Ogne homo

  16. Leonin:
  17. Organum duplum: Viderunt omnes

  18. Anon., XIIIth c.:
  19. Motet: Ave gloriosa mater - Ave Virgo - Domino

  20. Anon., XIIIth c.:
  21. Instrumental motet: In seculum longum

  22. Anon., XIIIth c.:
  23. Vocal motet: Je n'amerai autre - In seculum

Playing time: 39' 16"

[1]-[5] Schola Cantorum - Bernard Lewkovitch, dir.
[6]-[7] Holger Nøorgaard (baritone)
[8] The University Choir of Copenhagen & Sven Erik Wedin (tenor) - Niels Møller, cond.
[9] The Chorus of the Danish State Radio & Otto Johnson (baritone) - Mogens Wöldike, cond.
[10] Jørn Jørkov (tenor), Arn Berg (baritone), Niels Rosenberg (recorder), Thomas Rosenberg (viola da gamba)
[11] Thomas Rosenberg (viola da gamba), Hans Erik Dekert (viola da gamba), Jørgen Glode (viola da gamba)
[12] Raudi Teljlbjørg (contralto), Niels Rosenberg (recorder), Thomas Rosenberg (viola da gamba), Hans Erik Deckert (viola da gamba), Jørgen Glode (viola da gamba), Jytte Schmidt (lute)

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1963 or prior]

Re-editions: none

Compilations: The LP was also part of a four LPs album with a book of same title by Carl Parrish. Other LPs later edited in CD version are:
Haydn Society HSE 9101 / ST*HSE 7-9101 & CD 7-9101 volume 2: Music of the Ars Nova and the Renaissance
Haydn Society HSE 9102 / ST*HSE 7-9102 & CD 7-9102 volume 3: Music of the Renaissance and the Baroque
Haydn Society HSE 9103 / ST*HSE 7-9103 & CD 7-9103 volume 4: Music of the Baroque

Excerpts: none

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Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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