Dufay: Hymns

Dufay: Hymns
Schola Hungarica - Janka Szendrei & Laszlo Dobszay
Hungaroton 12951


  1. Conditor alme siderum
  2. Christe, Redemptor omnium
  3. Hostis Herodes impie
  4. Audi, benigne Condito
  5. Aures ad nostros Deitatis
  6. Vexilla Regis prodeunt
  7. Ad cenam Agni providi
  8. Iesu, nostra redemptio
  9. Veni, Creator Spiritus
  10. O lux Beata Trinitas
  11. Pange, lingua
  12. Urbs beata Ierusalem
  13. Ut queant laxis
  14. Aurea luce
  15. Ave maris stella

Performers: Péter Keresztessy, László Melis, János Mezel, András Soós, Ágnes Dobszay

Playing time: 52'

Release date: 1988

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 13/1- (Sep/Oct 1989)

Dufay left a large large body of hymns, which are basically harmonized chant tunes. The original chant is given in the top voice, and then two lower voices are written to set it in relief. This basic plan is sometimes carried out slightly differently, but the overall effect is always of light elaboration on the chant.

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Schola Hungarica - Janka Szendrei & Lázló Dobszay
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