Ce moys de may

Ce moys de may
Laude Novella
Helikon Records HCD 1031 [CD]


  1. Le moy de may (Anon., 15th cent.)
  2. Quan ye voy (Anon., 14th cent.)
  3. Ma tredol rosignol (Borlet, a.k.a. Trebol, a.k.a. Johan Robert, c.1409)
  4. Or avant (Guillaume Legrant, fl.1419-46)
  5. Cominciamento di gioia (Anon., 14th cent.)
  6. De toutes flour (Guillaume de Machaut, c.1300-1377)
  7. Bel fiore danza (Anon., 15th cent.)
  8. Or sus (Anon., 14th cent.)
  9. Dame je weil endurer (Machaut)
  10. Pres de soloil (Matheus de Perusio, ??-before 1418)
  11. Dame playsans (Anon., 14th cent.)
  12. Tempus adest floridum (Anon., 1582)
  13. In vernali tempore (Anon., 1582)
  14. En ce gracïex tamps (Jacob de Senleches, fl.1378-95)
  15. Tres gentil cuer (Solage, late 14th cent.)
  16. Belicha (Anon., 14th cent.)
  17. Ce moys de may (Dufay)
  18. Or sus (Anon., 15th cent.)
  19. Oseletto silvaggio (Jacopo da Bologna, fl.1340-55)
  20. Amor potens (Anon., late 13th cent.)

Playing time: 67' 58"

Laude Novella
Ute Goedecke (vocal, recorders, gothic harp), Per Mattsson (medieval fiddle, rebec), Stefan Wikström (sackbut), Johan Folker (percussion)

Recording site and date:
Stokkemarke Parish Church, Lolland, Denmark [08/1997];
Rel. 1998

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