A Feast of Songs

A Feast of Songs
Holiday Music from the Middle Ages
Barry & Beth Hall
Hallistic Music HMCD-001 [CD][LP]


  1. Gaudete (Finland & Bohemia, 15-16th century)
  2. Patapan (France, traditional)
  3. Il est né le divin enfant (France, traditional)
  4. Christmas eve (England, traditional)
  5. Green growth the holly (King Henry VIII, c.1520)
  6. Mors vitae propitia (France, c.1200)
  7. Quem pastores (Germany, 14th century)
  8. The truth from above (England, traditional)
  9. Christchurch bells (England, 14th century)
  10. Jesuza judsz przedal (Poland, 14th century)
    Good King Wenceslas (Bohemia, 14th century)
  11. Journey of the Magi (improvisation)
  12. In dulci jubilo (Germany, 14th century)
  13. Personent hodie (melody: Germany, 1360 - lyrics: Finland, 1582)
  14. Nous voici dans la ville (France, 15th century)
  15. Noël nouvelet (France, traditional)
  16. Coventry carol (England, 16th century)
  17. The holly and the ivy (England, traditional)
  18. Hail, Mary, full of grace (England, 15th century)
  19. Sir Christemas (England, 15th century)
  20. Masters in this hall (France, traditional)

Playing time: 45' 57"

Beth Hall (voice, viola, flute, dulcimer, bodhran), Barry Hall (voice, vielle, lute, violin, viola, ducimer, mandolin, guitar, sitgar, recorders, french horn, herald trumpet, African and Middle Eastern drums and percussion)

Recording site and date:
Hallistic Studios, Avon, CT, and Walnut Creek, CA [1989-1992];
Rel. 2006

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