Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana
Clemencic Consort - René Clemencic
Harmonia Mundi musique d'abord 190336.38 (3 CDs)


    Carmina gulatorum et potarum - Carmina lusorum - Carmina moralia et divina

  1. Bacche, bene venies I (CB 200)
  2. Virent prata hiemata (CB 151)
  3. Nomen a solempnibus (CB 52)
  4. Alte clamat Epicurus (CB 211) - Nu lebe ich (CB 211a)
  5. Vite perdite II (CB 31)
  6. Vacillantis trutine I (CB 108)
  7. In taberna quando sumus (CB 196)

  8. Officium lusorum (CB 215/215a):
  9. Introitus: Lugeamus omnes in Decio
  10. Epistola: Lectio actuum apopholorum
  11. Sequentia: Victime novali
  12. Evangelium: Sequentia falsi evangelii
  13. Oratio: Ornemus!
  14. Dic, Christi veritas (CB 131) - Bulla fulminante (CB 131a)
  15. Licet eger II (CB 8)
  16. Si vocatus ad nupcias (CB 26,3)
  17. Nomen a solempnibus II (CB 52)
  18. Fas et nefas ambulant (CB 19)
  19. Flete flenda (CB 5)
  20. Homo qui vigeas (CB 22)
  21. Procurans odium II (CB 12)
  22. Crucifigat omnes (CB 47)

    Carmina Moralia - Carmina Veris et Amoris

  1. Deduc, Syon, uberrimas (CB 34)
  2. Ecce, torpet probitas (CB 3)
  3. In terra sumus rex (CB 11)
  4. Tempus transit gelidum (CB 153)
  5. Bacche, bene venies II (CB 200)
  6. Licet eger (CB 8)
  7. In Gedonis ara (CB 37)
  8. Exiit diluculo rustica puella (CB 90)
  9. Clauso Chronos (CB 73)
  10. Olim sudor Herculis (CB 63)
  11. Virent prata hiemata (CB 151/151a)
  12. Veris dulcis in tempore I (CB 159)
  13. Vacillantis trutine II (CB 108)
  14. Michi confer, venditor I (CB 16)
  15. Veris dulcis in tempore II (CB 159)

    Carmina Divina - Ludus de Passione - Carmina amoris infelicis

  1. Ave nobilis venerabilis Maria (CB 11)
  2. Fulget dies celebris (CB 153)
  3. Ave, domina mundi (CB 18)
  4. Ave Maria, gratia plena (CB 15)
  5. Deus, in nomine tue (CB 15)
  6. Ludus de Passione (CB 16)
  7. Regali ex progenie Maria (CB 18)
  8. Sanctissima et glorissima (CB 18)
  9. Iste mundus furibundus (CB 24)
  10. Axe Phebus aureo (CB 71)
  11. Dulce solum natalis patrie (CB 119)
  12. Procurans odium I (CB 12)
  13. Vite perdite I (CB 31)
  14. Sic mea fata canendo solo (CB 116)
  15. Ich was ein chint so wolgetan (CB 185)

Performers: Pilar Figueras (soprano), Zeger Vandersteene (countertenor), Hans Breitschopf (countertenor), Pedro Liendo (baritone), René Zosso (symphony, voice), René Clemencic (recorders), et al.

Playing time: 74' + 75' + 72' = 221'

Recording dates: 1975-1978

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 14/4- (Mar./Apr. 1991)

The fashion today is to criticize this recording because of authenticity problems. I do not have the knowledge to argue with that, so take the rest as a personal view, not necessarily shared by others. That said, what a recording! The engagement of each participant is absolute; they take pleasure in rendering this music, in all of its facets. The proofs are too numerous to list them all here; let me just take a few examples: the voice of Pilar Figueras, as charming as the one of her sister (Ludus de Passione), the inimitable verve of René Zosso (Officium lusorum), the recorder played with skill by René Clemencic (everywhere), Above all, the pieces grouping the whole ensemble (In taberna quando sumus, Bacche bene venies) are full of life and imagination. Sometimes the voices are bad, but that's part of the game! My preferred piece is the parodic mass (Officium lusorum), where the frenzy is total. For people looking for emotions, of all kinds.

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