Byrd: Cantiones Sacrae

Byrd: Cantiones Sacrae (1575)
Deller Consort - Mark Deller
Harmonia Mundi musique d'abord 1901053


  1. Emendemus in melius
  2. Libera me
  3. Peccantem me quotidie
  4. Aspice Domine
  5. Attollite portas
  6. O lux beata Trinitas
  7. Laudate pueri
  8. Memento homo
  9. Siderum recotr

Performers: Rosemary Hardy, Elizabeth Lane, Mark Deller, Christopher Royall, Paul Elliott, Rogers Covey-Crump, Maurice Bevan, Michael George

Playing time: 42'

Recording date: April 1980

[3] Harmonia mundi HMX 290 8016.20 Musique de la Renaissance Music - L'Europe Musicale au XVe et XVIe siècles

This recording presents half of Byrd's contribution to the 1575 publication, the first in English history.

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Todd M. McComb