Josquin: Missa Pange lingua

Josquin: Missa Pange lingua
Ensemble Clément Janequin / Ensemble Organum - Marcel Pérès
Harmonia Mundi HMC 1239 [LP]
Harmonia Mundi HMC 401239 [Cass.]
Harmonia Mundi HMC 901239 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "Gold" HMG 501239 [CD]


  1. Introït (chant)
  2. Kyrie
  3. Gloria
  4. Graduel (chant)
  5. Alleluia (chant)
  6. Credo
  7. Offertoire (chant)
  8. Sanctus
  9. O salutaris (chant)
  10. Agnus Dei
  11. Hymn: Pange lingua

Ensemble Clément Janequin
Dominique Visse (counter-tenor), Michel Laplénie (tenor), Philippe Cantor (baritone), Antoine Sicot (bass)
Ensemble Organum
Gérard Lesne (counter-tenor), Josep Benet (tenor), Josep Cabré (baritone), François Fauché (bass)
Marcel Pérès, dir.

Playing time: 51' 34"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [Jan. 1986];
Rel.: 1986 (LP, Cass., CD); 2008 (HMG)

[2]-[3], [6], [8], [11] Harmonia mundi HMX 290 8016.20 Musique de la Renaissance Music - L'Europe Musicale au XVe et XVIe siècles
[2]-[3] Harmonia Mundi "Century" HMX 290 8170 [CD] A History of Music, vol. 8: Messes et Motets de la Renaissance (1500-1600 / Renaissance Masses and Motets (1500-1600) - Musique sacrée de la Renaissance / Renaissance Sacred Music

Reviewed in:
Opéra International: Sept. 1986

This recording is a full service setting, using both chant and Josquin's polyphony. on which the mass is based. A new perspective on Josquin's highly unified settings can be gained from a presentation of this type, although the present construction also adopts some rhythmic interpolations of which Josquin may not have approved.

It should also be noted that Ensemble Organum was one of the major groups to begin interspersing liturgical chant into Renaissance polyphony programs. Together with the present recording, two others with somewhat similar approaches are:

Ockeghem: Requiem
Ensemble Organum - Marcel Pérès
Harmonia Mundi 901441
Palestrina: Missa Viri Galilaei, etc.
La Chapelle Royale / Ensemble Organum - Philippe Herreweghe
Harmonia Mundi 901388

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