Byrd: Pavans and Galliards

Byrd: Pavans and Galliards
Davitt Moroney
Harmonia Mundi 901241/42 (2 CDs)


    From My Lady Nevell's Book (1591):
  1. First Pavan & Galliard (C minor)
  2. Second Pavan & Galliard (G major)
  3. Third Pavan & Galliard (A minor)
  4. Fourth Pavan & Galliard (C major)
  5. Fifth Pavan & Galliard (C minor)
  6. Sixth Pavan & Galliard "Kinborough Good" (C major)
  7. Seventh Pavan "2 in 1" (G major)
  8. Eight Pavan (A minor)
  9. Ninth Pavan & Galliard "Passing Measures" (G minor)
    Moroney's "Second Cycle":
  1. Prelude; Tenth Pavan & Galliard "Sir William Petre" (also from My Lady Nevell's Book, third section; G minor)
  2. Pavan & Galliard (C major; BK 33)
  3. "Lachrymae" Pavan & "Harding's" Galliard (D minor)
  4. "Echo" Pavan & Galliard (G major)
  5. Prelude, Pavan & Galliard "Tregian" (F major)
  6. Pavan & 2 Galliards "The Earl of Salisbury" (A minor)
  7. Galliard "Mary Brownlow" (C major)
  8. Galliard (D minor; BK 53)
  9. Pavan & Galliard "Quadran" (G major)

Playing time: 118'

Recording date: May 1986

Instrument: Harpsichord - anonymous Italian c.1677 (Kenneth Gilbert's collection)

The first disc is taken from the cycle of Pavans & Galliards that Byrd arranged for his My Lady Nevell's Book of keyboard music. The second disc was arranged by Moroney to complement the first, beginning with the Pavan & Galliard found later in the same publication but apart from the first cycle. All of these pieces were presumably written later than those on the first disc. In fact, Byrd wrote a large percentage of his keyboard works, particularly the more austere pavan & galliard sets, toward the end of his life.

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