The Play of the Pilgrims to Emmaus

Le jeu des pèlerins d'Emmaüs – The Play of the Pilgrims to Emmaus
Drame liturgique du XIIe siècle – A liturgical Drama XII. c.
Ensemble Organum – Marcel Pérès, dir.
Harmonia Mundi HM 901347 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi HM 401347 [Cass.]
Harmonia Mundi "Curiosita, Pour les esprits curieux" HMX 2901347 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "Musique d'abord" HMA 195 1347 [CD]


    Introit procession for Easter-day Vespers
  1. Kyrie Regnum summe

  2. Procession to the Baptismal Fonts
  3. Psalm Laudate pueri
  4. Responsory Haec dies
  5. Hymn Jesu nostra redemptio

  6. Officium peregrinorum (1st scene)
  7. Christ's meeting with two pilgrims
  8. Antiphon Ego sum Alpha et Omega

  9. Officium peregrinorum (2nd scene)
  10. Antiphon Sedit angelus
  11. Dialogue of the Angel with Maria Magdalena
  12. Prosa Victimae paschali laudes
  13. Alleluia Surrexit Dominus

  14. Officium peregrinorum (3rd scene)
  15. Christ's appearance to Thomas
  16. Antiphon Ego sum Alpha et Omega

  17. Return to the Choir
  18. Psalm In exitu Israel
  19. Oratio; Antiphon Lux perpetua
  20. Benedictus Domino
  21. Processional antiphon Christus resurgens

Madrid, B.N., Ms Vitrina 20-4

Ensemble Organum
Jean-Loup Charvet (counter-tenor, Mary Magdalena), Patrick Aubailly (tenor, second pilgrim), Josep Benet (tenor, first pilgrim), Michel Gauvain (tenor, Thomas), Antoine Guerber (tenor, Angel), Frédéric Richard (tenor, ), Christian Barrier (baritone), Josep Cagré (baritone), Marcel Pérès (baritone), Jean-Paul Rigaud (baritone), Gilles Schneider (baritone), Malcolm Bothwell (bass), Eric Guillermin (bass), Antoine Sicot (bass), Paul Willenbrock (bass)
Marcel Pérès, dir.

Playing time: 59' 48"

Recording site and date:
Unknown [06/1990];
Rel.: 1991 (HM), 2004 (HMX)

Reviewed in:
Classic: (Apr. 1991)

Information from Nathan Wilkes with additions by Pierre-F. Roberge.

Liturgical drama, normally performed at the end of Vespers for Easter Day; in this recording the play is bracketed with the liturgical pieces immediately preceding and following the drama.

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