Bouzignac: Te Deum & Motets

Bouzignac: Te Deum & Motets
Les Arts Florissants / Les Pages de la Chapelle / Ensemble de Violes Orlando Gibbons - William Christie
Harmonia Mundi 901471


  1. Ecce festivitas amoris (2:41)
  2. Ecce homo (1:50)
  3. Unus ex vobis (3:12)
  4. In pace, in idipsum (5:05)
  5. Ha! Plange (3:17)
  6. Vulnerasti cor meum (7:04)
  7. Alleluia, venite amici (2:18)
  8. Flos in flores (2:14)
  9. O Mors, ero mors tua (1:56)
  10. Clamant clavi (1:50)
  11. Ecce Aurora (3:20)
  12. Dum silentium (4:11)
  13. Jubilate Deo (1:56)
  14. Salve, Jesu Piissime (6:40)
  15. Ave Maria (2:26)
  16. Tota pulchra est (3:18)
  17. Te Deum (8:06)

Recorded: April 1993

Timing: 63:27

Few pieces of information relating to Guillaume Bouzignac survive. Apparently, he spent some of his life in Tours, where the manuscript containing most of his surviving works was rediscovered in 1905. Other glimpses of him place him in Grenoble in 1609 and Languedoc in the 1620s. While basically working in the traditional Renaissance idiom, he strove to achieve expression through a mosaic approach to composition, frequently mixing homophony/polyphony, dramatic dialogues, specific reiterations of fragments and madrigalisms to make his mark. As such, he was unique. His dialogue motets, such as Unus ex vobis and Dum silentium, leave perhaps the strongest impressions, being tautly worked biblical scenes with considerable impact. The Te Deum for double choir is the most extensive piece on this recording; while more flowing than some other pieces, it still exhibits a range of textures.

Choeur: Christophe Davezac, Aymeric Dorange, Christophe Günst, Jean-Pascal Jacob, Arthur le Mesre de Pas, Jérémie Poirier-Quinot, Nils Ruinet, Baptiste van Opstal (Les Pages de la Chapelle, Dir.Olivier Schneebeli); Anne Mopin - Soprano; Armand Gavrilides - Sopraniste; Steve Dugardin, Michel Puissant, Didier Rebuffet - Alto; Paul Agnew, Richard Duguay, Stephan van Dyck - Tenor; François Bazola, Nathan Berg, Paul-Alexandre Dubois, Paul Willenbrock, Harry van der Kamp - Bass. Ensemble Instrumental: Philippe Pierlot, Anne-Marie Lasla - Dessus de Viole; Kaori Uemura - Ténor de Viole; Sylvie Moquet, Jérôme Hantaï - Basse de Viole (Ensemble de Violes Orlando Gibbons); Matthias Sprinz, Claudia Schäfer - Sacqueboute ténor; Richard Lister - Sacqueboute basse; Kenneth Weiss - Organ.

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