Chants sacrés de l'Orient (tradition melchite)

Chants sacrés melchites
Hymnes à la Vierge
Keyrouz, Ensemble de la Paix, Chorale de l'Église de St-Julien le Pauvre
Harmonia mundi HMC 90 1497 [CD]
Harmonia mundi HMC 40 1497 [Cass.]
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'abord" HMA 195 1497 [CD]


    Melchite Tradition

    Greek Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, 4th c.
  1. Hymne à la Vierge, 1st echos: Axion esti

  2. Troparion from the Great Canon of Saint John of Damascus, 4th c.
  3. Office of the Nativity of the Mother of God, 8th echos: Ya walidata-I-ilah

  4. Anon., melchite
  5. Office of the Nativity of Christ, 5th echos: 'Adhimi ya nafsi

  6. Improv. style by M. Keyrouz
  7. Office of the Circumcision, 2nd and 6th echos: Inna-I-baraya

  8. Troparion from the Great Canon of Saint John of Damascus, 4th c.
  9. Office of the Epiphany of Christ, 2nd echos: Inna-I-'alsûna bi asriha

  10. Anon., melchite
  11. Office of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple, 3rd echos: Ihfadhi ûma-I-ilah

  12. Anon., melchite
  13. Office of the Annonciation , 4th echos: Istabchiri'ayûha-I-ard

  14. Anon., melchite
  15. Office of Palm Sunday, 2nd echos: 'Allahu-r-rabû dhahara lana

  16. Hymn from the Great Canon of Saint John of Damascus, 4th c.
  17. Office of Easter, 1st echos: Inna-I malak

  18. Anon., melchite
  19. Office of the Pentecost, 4th echos: Ifrahi ayatuha-I-malika

  20. Text by Saint John of Damascus
  21. Excerpt from the Office of the Paraklisis, 6th echos: Ayyatuha-s-sayyidatu

  22. Anon., melchite
  23. Office of the Feast of the Blessed Sacrement, 6th echos: Litata'adham

  24. Anon., melchite
  25. Office of the Assumption, 1st echos: Jami'ul'ajyal

  26. Improv. style, translation from the original Greek of Romanus the Melodist, 6th c.
  27. Office of the Akathistos, 2nd and 6th echos: Anti ya walidata-I-ilah

Playing time: 62' 38"

Sister Marie Keyrouz (chant)
L'Ensemble de la Paix (vocal ensemble)
Chorale de l'Église de St-Julien le Pauvre

Recording site and date:
Unknown [11/1993];
Rel. 1994 (HMC), 2001 (HMA)

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