École Notre-Dame

École Notre-Dame
Messe de la Nativité de la Vierge
Ensemble Organum – Marcel Pérès, dir.
Harmonia Mundi HMC 901538 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi « musique d'abord » HMA 1901538


  1. Pérotin: Beata viscera Marie Virginis (conductus)
  2. Pérotin: Deus misertus hominis (conductus à 4)
  3. Anon: Salve sancta parens (plainchant)
  4. Anon: Kyrie (organum à 2)
  5. Léonin: Graduel - Benedicta et venerabilis (organum à 2)
  6. Pérotin: Alléluia - Nativitas gloriose virginis Marie (organum à 3)
  7. Anon: Offertoire - Diffusa est gratia in labiis tuis (plainchant)
  8. Préface (plainchant)
  9. Anon: Sanctus - Sanctorum exultatio (organum à 2)
  10. Anon: Agnus Dei - Fons indeficiens pietatis (organum à 2)
  11. Anon: Communio - Beata viscera Marie virginis (plainchant)
  12. Léonin: Benedicanus Domino (organum à 2)

Ensemble Organum
Lycourgos Angelopoulos, Malcolm Bothwell, Jérôme Casalonga, Jean-Etienne Langianni, Marcel Pérès, Frédéric Richard, Antoine Sicot
Marcel Pérès, dir.

Playing time: 77'

Recording site and date:
Unknown [10/1994];
Rel.: 1995 (HMC), 1999 (HMA)

Reviewed in:
Classica: (hors série (Dec.1999)
Classica Etudes: (Mar. 1996)

This all-male vocal recording presents a nice cross-section of the repertory of Paris in this era, including two conductus (not chant-based) tracks to open the program.

The performance ideas on this recording are highly influenced by Eastern chant repertories, with resulting ornamental interpolations and motive-like division of melodies. While I do believe that the unitiated listener will find the perspective valuable, it has to be noted that this extreme Eastern approach has largely been condemned as inauthentic in most early music circles since this recording was released.

Ensemble Organum's older approach to this repertory is not so extreme.

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Todd M. McComb