La Renaissance anglaise Gibbons - Tomkins - Weelkes

La Renaissance anglaise Gibbons - Tomkins - Weelkes
Deller Consort - Alfred Deller with Jaye Consort of Viols & Viols Ensemble of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'Abord" HMA 190 219 [CD]
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'Abord" HMA 43 219 [Cass.]
Harmonia mundi "Curiosita, Pour les esprits curieux" HMX 290 219 [CD]


    Thomas Weelkes:
  1. To shorten winter's sadness
  2. Thule, the period of cosmography
  3. Fantasy for viols
  4. O care, thou wilt despatch me
  5. The cries of London
  6. Lachrimae
  7. All laud and praise

  8. Thomas Tomkins:
  9. To the shady woods
  10. Fantasias no. 9
  11. Oyez! has anyone found a lad?
  12. Fantasias no. 10
  13. I heard a voice from heaven
  14. Pavan in A minor

  15. Orlando Gibbons, 1st set of madrigals and mottets (London, 1612)
  16. Madrigal: Ah, dear heart (a capella)

  17. Orlando Gibbons
  18. In Nomine a 5 (viols)

  19. Orlando Gibbons, 1st set of madrigals and mottets (London, 1612)
  20. Madrigal: What is our life (vv. with instr.)

  21. Orlando Gibbons, from Brit. Mus. Add. 3026-8
  22. Pavan Deleroye (5 viols)

  23. Orlando Gibbons
  24. Verse anthem: Behold thou hast made my days
  25. Consort song / anthem: The secret sins
  26. Verse anthem: Great King of Gods

Playing time: 78' 21".

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Rel.: 1992 (HMA), 2004 (HMX)

Excerpts (from original recordings)
[1]-[7] Harmonia mundi "Deller Recordings" HMD 224 Thomas Weelkes
[8]-[13] Harmonia mundi HMU 232 Thomas Tomkins
[14]-[20] Deller Recordings DR 219 Orlando Gibbons: Vocal and instrumental music

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