Chant grégorien, vol. 2

Chant grégorien (2)
Le Jeu pascal de Prague - The Prague Easter Play - Das Prager Osterspiel
The Deller Consort - Alfred Deller, dir.
Harmonia mundi HMU 235 [LP]
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'Abord" HM 235 [LP]
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'Abord" HM 40 235 [Cass.]
FSM 53 308 [LP, Germany]
Musical Heritage Society MHS 3746 [LP, U.S.A.]
Harmonia mundi "Black Label" HMB 235 (sleeve) / HM 235 (disc) [LP]
Harmonia mundi "Black Label" HMB 40 235 [Cass.]
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'Abord" HMA 43 235 [Cass.]


    Le Drame liturgique de Prague

    Anon., gregorian:
  1. Invitatory: Surrexit Dominus vere
  2. Le Jeu Pascal de Prague

    Anon., gregorian
  3. Responsory: Dum transisset
    Marie: Aromata pretio quaerimus
    Antiphon: Currebant duo simul
    Final Hymn: Te Deum laudamus

  4. ----

    Le Drame liturgique de Prague (cont.)

    Anon., gregorian:
  5. Hymn: Rex sempiterne Domine
  6. Responsory: Surgens Jesus
  7. Responsory: Congratulamini mihi
  8. Reading of the Gospel (Vespere autem sabbati, ...)
    Hymn: Te decet laus
  9. Responsory: Surrexit Dominus de sepulchro
    Hymn: Aurora lucis rutilat
  10. Antiphon: Vespere autem sabbati
    Antiphon: Et ecce terraemotus
    Antiphon: Angelus autem Domini
    Antiphon: Erat autem
    Antiphon: Prae timore
    Antiphon: Respondens autem
    Antiphon: Venite et videte
    Antiphon: Cito euntes
    Antiphon: In Galilea
    Benedicamus Domino, alleluja, alleluja
    Responsory: Deo gratias, alleluja, alleluja

Playing time: 21' 55" + 21' 55" = 43' 50"

The Deller Consort:
Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Mark Deller (counter-tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone), John Buttrey (tenor), Paul Elliott (tenor)
Alfred Deller, dir.

Recording site and date:
Unknown [1974];
Rel.: 1974 (HMU), 1980 (HM), 1981 (HMB), 1989 (HMA)

Harmonia mundi HMA 190 235/7 [CD] Chant Grégorien

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 189-60 (as HMC 90 234)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 53/630-901

Information from owned LP (HMB).
It is noteworthy to include here an excerpt of the text appearing on back of the sleeve:
A lively hymn, Rex sempiterne Domine, forms the transition between the responsorial and the antiphonal psalmody. (To maintain the balance on the two sides of the recording it has been necessary to carry over on Side 2 the entire liturgical section which precedes the actual drama) ....
So the Play itself has been misplaced on purpose. My understanding is that the exact order is [1], [3]-[6], [2]-[3], [7]-[8].

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Pierre-F. Roberge