Henry Purcell – The Indian Queen

Henry Purcell – The Indian Queen
Deller Choir - Alfred Deller, dir. & The King's Musick - Catherine Mackintosh, dir.
Harmonia mundi HMC 90 243 [CD]
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'Abord" HMA 43 243 [CD]
Harmonia mundi HMT "Suite" 790 243 [CD]


    Henry Purcell (m) / Johnt Dryden & Robert Howard (t)
    The Indian Queen (Z. 630, 1695)

  1. First & Second music
    1. 1st Music (Z. 630/1)
    2. 2nd Music (Z. 630/2)
  2. Overture
    1. Overture (Z. 630/3)
    2. Trumpet tune (Z. 630/4a)
  3. Prologue / Act I
    1. Aria (Indian Boy): Wake, Quivera, wake (Z. 630/4b
    2. Prelude and Aria (Indian Girl (Quivera)): Why should men quarrel (Z. 630/4c-d)
    3. Boy: By ancient prophecies
    4. Girl, Boy: If these be they
    5. Boy: Their looks are such
    6. Girl, Boy: If so your goodness
    7. Trumpet tune (Z. 630/?)
  4. Act II
    1. Symphony (Z. 630/5)
    2. Aria and Choorus (Fame, Chorus): I come to sing great Zempoalla's story (Z. 630/6)
    3. Trio (Envy, two followers): What flatt'ring noise is this (Z. 630/7)
    4. Fame: Scorn'd Envy (Z. 630/7)
    5. Envy: I fly from the place (Z. 630/7)
    6. Fame: Begone (Z. 630/7)
    7. Trumpet tune (Z. 630/8)
    8. Fame, Chorus: I come to sing (Z. 630/7)
  5. Act III
    1. Dance (Z. 630/12)
    2. Aria (Ismeron): Ye twice hundred deities (Z. 630/13)
    3. Symphony (Z. 630/14)
    4. Aria (God of Dreams): Seek not to know what must not be reveal'd (Z. 630/15)
    5. Trumpet Overture: Canzon/Adagio (Z. 630/16)
    6. Duet and Quartet (Aerial spirits): Ah! Ah! How happy we are! (Z. 630/17a)
    7. Duet and Quartet (Aerial spirits): We the spirits of the air (Z. 630/17a)
    8. Duet and Quartet (Aerial spirits): I attempt from Love's sickness (soprano solo) (Z. 630/17a)
    9. 3rd Act Tune (Z. 630/18)
  6. Act IV – Orazia "They tell us"
    1. Aria (Orazia): They tell us (Z. 630/19)
    2. 4th Act Tune (Z. 630/20)
  7. Act V – Chorus "While thus"
    1. Prelude and Chorus: While thus we bow before your shrine (Z. 630/21a)
    2. Aria (High Priest): You who at the altar stand (Z. 630/21b)
    3. Prelude and Chorus: All dismal sounds thus on these off'rings wait (Z. 630/21c-d)

The Deller Consort
Mark Deller (counter-tenor – a boy; Envy's disciple), Jean Knibbs (soprano – Quivera; Spirit of the air), Paul Elliott (tenor – Fame; Spirit of the air), Maurice Bevan (baritone – Envy; Ismeron; High priest), Malcolm Knowles (tenor – Envy's disciple), Honor Sheppard (soprano – God of Dreams; Spirit of the air), Alfred Deller (counter-tenor, – Spirit of the air)
The King's Musick
Michael Laird (trumpet), Christopher Ball (recorder), Michael Brain (recorder), Claire Shanks (baroque oboe), Dai Jones (baroque oboe), Jane Ryan (viola di gamba), Jeremy Ward (baroque bassoon), Ian Gammie (violone), Robert Elliott (harpsichord)
Catherine Mackintosh, cond.
Alfred Deller, dir.

Playing time: 60' 41".

Recording site and date:
Unknown [09/1976];
Rel.; 1987 (HMC)

Harmonia mundi HM 243 [LP] Henry Purcell – The Indian Queen & "The Masque" (from Timon of Athens)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 327-150 (may 1987)

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