In memory of Alfred Deller

In memory of Alfred Deller
Airs anglais et italiens
Deller Consort, Dupré, Munrow, Elliott
Harmonia mundi HMC 254 / 256 [LPx3]


This is a 3 LPs box containing previously issued LPs:

  1. Harmonia mundi "Deller Recordings" DR 215 [LP] Alfred Deller Solo - Airs anglais du XVIIe & XVIIIe siècle
  2. Harmonia mundi HMU 228 [LP] Alfred Deller Solo (vol. 2)
  3. Harmonia mundi "Deller Recordings" DR 218 [LP] Henry Purcell - Musique de scène, Airs et Opéra, Odes et Musique sacrés

Release date:
1985 or prior

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Pierre-F. Roberge