Danses et Contredanses de la Nouvelle-France

Danses et Contredanses de la Nouvelle-France
Ensemble Nouvelle-France du Québec
Siscom (Select) SC-08211 [LP]
Harmonia mundi "Black Label" HMB 5145 [LP]
Harmonia mundi "Black Label" HMB 5104 [Cass.]


    Anon., 18th c. Ms.: Suite Nouvelle-France
  1. Deux tambourins
  2. Menuet « Fidèle et sicère »
  3. Menuet d'Allemagne
  4. Menuet en sol mineur
  5. Musettes
    1. Musette I
    2. Musette II
  6. Vaudeville « La Confession »

  7. Anon., Ursulines of Quebec, 17th c.
  8. Motet à deux voix

  9. Anon., Rachel Frobisher's Book, Montreal, 1793
  10. Four Dances
    1. Untitled (fife, discant viola, fortepiano)
    2. « Savage dance » (flute, 'cello)
    3. Untitled (harpsichord, spoon)
    4. Untitled (fife, harpsichord, spoon)
  11. ----
    Théodore Friedrich Molt
  12. Theme and variations (flute and fortepiano)

  13. Friedrich Glackmeyer
  14. March for the Festival of St. Peter and St. Paul

  15. Anon., 18th c.: Livre de contredanses et les figures (reconstitution by Michel Paré)
  16. Contredanses
    1. Les Domineaux
    2. La Sauvage
    3. L'Yrocoise
    4. La Pintièvre

Playing time: 17' 00" + 19' 00" = 36' 00"

Ensemble Nouvelle-France
Louise Courville (flutes, fifes), Lorraine P. Brunnemer (viola da gamba, 'cello), Richard Paré (harpsichord, pianoforte)

Recording site and date:
Église historique de Beaumont, Quebec, Canada [08/1982];
Rel.: 1985 (HM)

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):

"This record aims at being both a testimony and an authentic reflection of the musical life in early Canada during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. ..." (from LP sleeve)
For unknown reason the « Motet à deux voix » (3' 53"), was not included in the HM release. Also there may be a mistake by numbering the LP version 5145, this number being given to an Handel's release
Informations from owned LP (HM), National Library of Canada and Bn-Opaline plus.

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Pierre-F. Roberge