En doulz chastel de Pavie

En doulz chastel de Pavie
Chansons à la cour des Visconti, 1400
Ferrara Ensemble - Crawford Young
Harmonia Mundi "Documenta" 905241


  1. Philipoctus de Caserta (Mod., f.26v): De ma doulour
  2. Johannes Ciconia (Lucca, f.54v): La fiamma del to amor (instrumental)
  3. Jacob Senleches (Chic., f.10): La harpe de mélodie
  4. Anon (Lo., f.56v-57): Istanpitta Isabella (instrumental)
  5. Caserta (Mod., f.34v-35): En remirant
  6. Ciconia (Perguia, f.83): Le ray au soleyl
  7. Anon (Lo., f.74) / Cook: Chanconeta tedescha (instrumental)
  8. Ciconia (Mod., f.27v-28): Sus une fontayne
  9. Anon (Fa., f.62v-63): Constantia (instrumental)
  10. Anon (Lo., f.74) / Young: Chanconeta tedescha (instrumental)
  11. Caserta (Mod., f.20): En attendant souffrir

Performers: Lena Susanne Norin (alto), Eric Mentzel (tenor), Stephen Grant (baritone), Randall Cook (vielle), Crawford Young (gittern), Marion Fourquier (harp)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: June 1997 (Seewen, Switzerland)

[1]-[3], [6] Harmonia Mundi "Century" HMX 290 8169 [CD] A History of Music, vol. 7: Du style gothique à la Pré-Renaissance / From gothic to Pre-Renaissance (1370-1460) - Ars Subtilior / Dawn of the Renaissance

This program consists of works connected to the Visconti court in Pavia. It is particularly well-suited as an introduction to the Ars Subtilior repertory for those who might otherwise be intimidated by it, as the program is not too dense and the interpretations are relatively straight-forward.

Sources are Modena, Biblioteca Estense, MS a. M. 5. 25, Lucca, Archivio di Stato, MS 184, Chicago, Newberry Library, MS 54.1, London, British Library, MS Add. 29987, Perugia, Biblioteca Comunale "Augusta", MS 3065, and Faenza, Biblioteca Comunale, MS 117.

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