Uccellini: La Bergamasca
Sonate ed arie a violini e basso
The Arcadian Academy - Nicholas McGegan
Harmonia Mundi HMU 90 7066 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "Curiosita, Pour les esprits curieux" HMX 290 7066 [CD]


  1. Aria Quinta sopra "La Bergamasca" (bk. III)
  2. Sonata Decima Ottava à doi violini (bk. IV)
  3. Aria Decima Quinta sopra "La Scatola dagli agghi" (bk. IV)
  4. Sonata Vigesima Sesta sopra "La Prosperina" (bk. IV)
  5. Sonata Quarta detta "La Transformata" (bk. III)
  6. Sonata Ottava à 2 violini (bk. II)
  7. Sonata Seconda à violino solo detta "La Luciminia contenta" (bk. IV)
  8. Sonata Vigesima à doi violini (bk. IV)
  9. Sonata Quarta à violino solo detta "La Hortensa virtuosa" (bk. IV)
  10. Sonata Vigesima Quinta (bk. IV)
  11. Aria Decima Quarta à doi violini sopra "La mia Pedrina" (bk. IV)
  12. Sonata Vigesima Prima à doi violini (bk. IV)
  13. Sonata Nona à doi violini (bk. VII)
  14. Aria Sesta sopra un balletto (bk. III)
  15. Sonata Vigesima Settima (bk. IV)
  16. Aria Undecima à doi violini sopra "Il Caporal Simon" (bk. IV)
  17. Sonata Nona à doi violini detta "La Reggiana" (bk. III)
  18. Aria Nona "L'Emenfrodito" (bk. III)

Performers: Elizabeth Blumenstock (violin), Katherine Kyme (violin), David Bowles (cello), David Tyler (archlute, guitar), Nicholas McGegan (harpsichord, organ)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: October 1992, rel.: 1993 (HMU), 2004 (HMX)

Marco Uccellini (1610-1680) was the last major Italian composer before Corelli to make an impact on violin technique. In many ways, Uccellini's style also paved the way for Schmelzer & Biber in Germany. He helped pave the way for the early trio sonatas, published nearly one hundred violin sonatas.

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The Arcadian Academy - Nicholas McGegan
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