A Star in the East - L'Étoile du Berger

A Star in the East - Medieval Hungarian Christmas Music
Anonymous 4
Harmonia mundi HMU 407139 [Cassette]
Harmonia mundi HMU 907139 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "Classical Express" 395 7139 [CD]


    Anon., Hungary:
  1. Antiphon: Ave spes nostra
  2. Song: Mi Atyánk Atya Isten
  3. Alleluia: Veni Domine
  4. Antiphon: O mundi Domina
  5. Alleluia: Fuit virgo
  6. Hymn: Vox clara, ecce, intonat
  7. Sanctus: Omnes unanimiter
  8. Introit: Dum medium silentium
  9. Lectio: Primo tempore alleviata
  10. Gradual: Speciosus forma
  11. Song: Noveum decus oritur
  12. Offertory: Letentur celi
  13. Lectio: Salvator noster
  14. Hymn: Az idvözitöt régenten
  15. Song Novus annus adiit
  16. Communion: Exulta filia Syon
  17. Evangelium: Liber generationis
  18. Antiphon: Gaude et letare
  19. Motet: Exordium quadruplate / Nate Dei / Concrepet infanti / Verbum caro
  20. Te Deum: Isten, réged

Playing time: 68' 20"

Anonymous 4
Ruth Cunningham, Marsha Genensky, Susan Hellauer, Johanna Maria Rose

Recording site and date:
Campion Center, Boston, MA, USA [05/1996]

[2], [9]-[10] Harmonia mundi HMX 2907210 Anonymous 4 - A Portrait

[20] Harmonia mundi HMX 2907546 [CD] Four Centuries of Chant

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):74/883-134 (december 1996)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 20/2-444 (november/december 1996)

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Information from owned CD. There is french version (HMU 90 7139F) titled "L'Étoile du berger"
Ecstatic, celestial, what else to say! I am starting to believe in angels, anonymous four angels obviously.

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