17th-Century Instrumental and Vocal Music
Hargis / King's Noyse - David Douglass
Harmonia Mundi USA 907179


    Suite in C Major from Studentenmusik (1654)
  1. Paduan
  2. Alemanda
  3. Courant. Adagio
  4. Courant. Allegro
  5. Alemanda
  6. Courant
  7. Ballo
  8. Sarabanda
  9. Jubilent aethera (w/ soprano; c.1675)
  10. Sonata X à 5 (1682)
  11. Sonata VII à 4 (1682)
  12. In te, Domine, speravi (w/ soprano; c.1675)
  13. Sonata XI à 5 (1682)
  14. Sonata IV à 3 (1682)
  15. Ach Herr, strafe mich nicht in dienem Zorn (w/ soprano; 1665)
  16. Sonata III à 2 (1682)
  17. Lieber Herre Gott, wecke uns auf (w/ soprano; 1652)

Performers: Ellen Hargis (soprano), Barbara Weiss (harpsichord, organ), Margriet Tindemans (viola), Scott Metcalfe (viola), Robert Mealy (violin), Emily Walhout (cello), David Douglass (violin), Paul O'Dette (theorbo), Mary Springfels (viol)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: October & November 1995

This recording combines some of Rosenmüller's famous sonatas with some vocal pieces, as well as the early suite.

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Todd M. McComb