Rebel: Violin Sonatas

Rebel: Violin Sonatas
Manze / Egarr / Linden
Harmonia Mundi USA 907221


    Sonate huitième in D minor
  1. Grave
  2. Courante
  3. Rondeau

  4. Sonate cinquième in D major
  5. Viste - Grave - Legèrement
  6. Sarabande
  7. Viste
  8. Gigue

  9. Sonate sixième in B minor
  10. Grave
  11. Legèrement
  12. Gracieusement
  13. Viste

  14. Sonate première in A major
  15. Grave
  16. Gai
  17. Grave
  18. Musette

  19. Sonate troisième in A minor
  20. Lentement - Viste
  21. Grave
  22. Legèrement

  23. Sonate neuvième in F major
  24. Grave
  25. Allemande
  26. Rondeau
  27. Gigue

  28. Sonate septième in G minor
  29. Allemande
  30. Courante
  31. Sarabande
  32. Gigue

  33. Sonate quatrième in E minor
  34. Gracieusement
  35. Viste
  36. Recit très doux-Gai
  37. Viste

Performers: Andrew Manze (violin), Richard Egarr (harpsichord), Jaap ter Linden (viol)

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: January 1998 (Holland)

Jean-Féry Rebel (1666-1747) was known as a child prodigy violinist and is one of the first composers to bring the Italian-style violin sonata to France. His ballets were also very well-known in his lifetime, and his personal associates included Lully and Delalande. However, his chamber music is seen today as his most valuable contribution, and so naturally precedes Leclair in any survey of French Baroque violin music.

The present program is drawn from Rebel's published Sonates à violon seul of 1713, in which structural principles are borrowed from Corelli's Op. V, but set entirely within a French context.

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