Legends of Nicholas

Legends of Nicholas
Medieval Chant and Polyphony
Anonymous 4
Harmonia Mundi HMU 907232


    Legends of St. Nicholas (from various sources)
  1. Hymn: Intonent hodie
  2. Conductus: Exultemus et letemur
  3. Conductus: Gaudens in Domino
  4. Reading: Seint Nicholas was borne in the citee of Patras
  5. Responsory: Confessor dei nicholaus
  6. Conductus: Cantu mirro, summa laude
  7. Song: Sainte nicholaes
  8. Reading: Whanne the bisshop of the citee of Myre deied
  9. Conductus: Nicholai presulis
  10. Hymn: Cum quidam fluctuantia
  11. Conductus: Novus presul prodiit
  12. Song: Sainte nicholaes
  13. Reading: All the province of Seint Nicholas suffered gret peyne for hunger
  14. Hymn: Plaudat letitia
  15. Motet: Salve cleri speculum / Save iubar presulum / [Sospitati] / [Sospitati]
  16. Song: Sainte nicholaes
  17. Reading: A worschipfull man hadde thre doughtres virgines
  18. Conductus: Fulget nicolaus
  19. Responsory: Ex eius tumba / Prosa: Sospitati dedit egros
  20. Conductus: Gaudens in domino
  21. Reading: And whanne our Lorde lust to take Seint Nicholas oute of this worlde
  22. Motet: Psallat chorus / Eximie pater / [Aptatur]
  23. Conductus: Nicholae presulum
  24. Conductus: Nicholae pontifex

All the works on this recording were transcribed by Anonymous 4 from original sources, except "Salve cleri speculum" which is from Polyphonic Music of the Fourteenth Century, vol. XV, edited by Frank Ll, Harrison, texts edited and translated by Peter Lefferts - Editions l'Oiseau-Lyre, 1981; and the readings, which are from Three lives from the Gilte Legende, edited by Richard Hamer, - Universitätsverlag C. Winter-Heidelberg.

Playing time: 69' 46"

Anonymous 4
Ruth Cunningham, Marsha Genensky, Susan Hellauer, Johanna Maria Rose

Recording site and date:
Mont La Salle Chapel, Christian Brothers Retreat, Napa, California, USA [03/19998]

[19] Harmonia mundi HMX 2907546 [CD] Four Centuries of Chant

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 77/921-116 (Awards 1999 issue)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 23/2-415 (November/December 1999)
Goldberg (#-p.): 9-84 (winter 1999)

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