Darkness into Light

Darkness into Light: Tavener - The Bridegroom and other works
Medieval & modern - a mystical journey
Anonymous 4 & Chilingirian Quartet
Harmonia mundi HMU 907274


  1. Vespers hymn: O lux beata trinitas
  2. Jube domine / Lection: In principio

  3. John Tavener
  4. Come and do Your will in me

  5. Anon.
  6. Complines hymn: Christe qui lux est
  7. Lectio Isaye prophete / Lection: Surgi illuminare

  8. John Tavener
  9. As one who has slept

  10. Anon.
  11. Nocturn hymn: Medie noctis tempus est
  12. Leccio libri apokalipsis / Lection: Vidi civitatem

  13. John Tavener
  14. The Lord's prayer

  15. Anon.
  16. Alleluia: Quinque prudentes virgines

  17. John Tavener
  18. The Bridegroom

  19. Anon.
  20. Hymn for the New Light: Inventor rutili

Playing time: 64' 13"

Anonymous 4
Marsha Genensky, Susan Hellauer, Johanna Maria Rose, Jacqueline Horner
Chilingirian Quartet
Levon Chilingirian (violin), Charles Sewart (violin), Aldis Valdimarsdottir (viola), Philip de Groote (cello)

Recording site and date:
Christian Brothers Retreat and Conference Center, Napa, California [02/2002], rel. 2003

[6], [17] Harmonia mundi HMX 2907546 [CD] Four Centuries of Chant

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 81/967-71 (june 2003)
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 26/6-208 (july/august 2003)
Goldberg (#-p.):

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Double choir and string trio
The Tallis Scholars / The Chilingirian Quartet – Peter Phillips, dir.
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