Extempore II

Extempore II
A modern Mass for the Feast of St Michael based on the medieval melody L'homme armé
Orlando Consort & Perfect Houseplants
Harmonia mundi HMU 90 7319


    Huw Warren, 20th c.
  1. Motet: The Man, the Man

  2. Donald Greig, 20th c.
  3. Introit: Approach

  4. Mark Lockheart, 20th c.
  5. Processional Fanfare: Tumult
  6. Kyrie: Mercy, Mercy
  7. Gloria: Glory be

  8. Dudley Phillipps, 20th c.
  9. Collect: Thistle

  10. Mark Lockheart, 20th c.
  11. Epistle: Prayer (instr.)

  12. Robert Harre-Jones, 20th c.
  13. Gradual: Protectorate

  14. Donald Greig, 20th c.
  15. Alleluia: Archangel

  16. Dudley Phillipps, Huw Warren, Martin France, 20th c.
  17. Gospel: Gospel

  18. Huw Warren
  19. Credo: Crier

  20. Donald Greig, 20th c.
  21. Secret/Offertory: Umballa

  22. Dudley Phillipps, Mark Lockheart, 20th c.
  23. Preface: Ministry of Angel

  24. Dudley Phillipps, 20th c.
  25. Sanctus: Coeli et Terra
  26. Benedictus: Draconis

  27. ---
  28. Pater noster

  29. Dudley Phillipps, 20th c.
  30. Pater noster: Haubregon

  31. ---
  32. Pax: Pax

  33. Mark Lockheart, 20th c.
  34. Agnus Dei: Deliverance
  35. Communion: Above the clouds

  36. Donald Greig, Charles Daniels, 20th c.
  37. Post Communion: Intercession

  38. Angus Smith
  39. Dismissal: Burgate

  40. Huw Warren
  41. Recessional: Dona nobis pacem

Playing time: 62' 47"

Orlando Consort [Robert Harre-Jones (counter-tenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Donald Greig (baritone)] & Perfect Houseplants [Mark Lockheart (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, clarinet), Huw Warren (piano, prepared piano), Dudley Phillips (acoustic bass, electric bass), Martin France (drums, electric percussion)]

Recording site and date:
Olympic Studios, Barnes, London, UK [01/2002]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 26/6-267 (july/august 2003)

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The present Mass is a combination of composed, improvised and arranged music (from booklet).

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Pierre-F. Roberge