The Toledo Summit

The Toledo Summit
Early 16th c. Spanish and Flemish Songs and Motets
Orlando Consort
Harmonia Mundi USA 907328


  1. Mondéjar: Ave rex noster
  2. La Rue: Gaude virgo
  3. Anchieta: Libera me, Domine
  4. Peñalosa: Versa est in luctum
  5. La Torre: Adorámoste, Señor
  6. Agricola: Je n'ay dueil
  7. Agricola: Si dedero
  8. La Rue: Missa Nunca fué pena mayor: Kyrie
  9. Anon.: Ora baila tú
  10. La Rue: Autant en emporte le vent
  11. La Torre: Justa fué mi perdición
  12. Lagarto: Andad, pasiones, andad
  13. Divitis: O desolatorum consolator
  14. Brumel: Mater Patris
  15. Mondéjar: Oyan todos mi tormento
  16. La Rue: Secretz regretz
  17. Luchas: A la caça, sus, a caca
  18. Josquin: In te, Domine, speravi
  19. Aux: Ave sanctissimum
  20. Josquin (attrib.): Ave festiva ferculis
  21. Peñalosa: Missa L'homme armé: Credo

Performers: Robert Harre-Jones (countertenor); Angus Smith (tenor); Charles Daniels (tenor); Donald Greig (baritone)

Playing time: 74:48

Recording site & date: St. Mary's Parrish Church, East Lothian, Scotland; October 25-28, 2002

This CD attempts to illustrate something of the diversity and splendor of the musical festivities which were celebrated in honor of Phillip the Fair of Burgundy's ceremonial visit to Spain in 1502. Both sacred and secular pieces are included, and the Orlando Consort acquit themselves fairly well in both genres, lending the Spanish and Italian songs, in particular, a lively, festive character. Though the back cover of the recording promises English, French, and German commentary, none (annoyingly) is in fact provided, although translations are given for most of the songs. This is probably the last Orlando Consort recording that will feature Charles Daniels as a primary artist.
Note (from Pierre-F. Roberge): the problem has been corrected; in my copy, commentaries are in English, French and German.

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Christopher Schifani