The Phoenix Rising - The Carnegie UK Trust & the revival of Tudor church music

The Phoenix Rising
The Carnegie UK Trust & the revival of Tudor church music
Stile Antico
Harmonia Mundi USA HMU 807572 [SACD-H]


    William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
  1. Ave verum corpus

  2. Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
  3. Salvator mundi [I] (14th-century Eucharistic Hymn, attributed to Pope Innocent VI)

  4. William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
  5. Mass for five voices: Kyrie eleison
  6. Mass for five voices: Gloria in excelsis Deo

  7. Thomas Morley (1557-1602)
  8. Nolo mortem peccatoris (John Redford (1540); perhaps after Medieval original)

  9. Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
  10. O clap your hands together (Psalm 47, Book of Common Prayer+Gloria)

  11. William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
  12. Mass for five voices: Credo

  13. Robert White (c. 1538-1574)
  14. Portio mea (Psalm 119,57-64)
  15. Hymn: Christe, qui lux es et dies, (Complete hymn, 4th setting)

  16. Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
  17. Almighty and everlastig God (Book of Common Prayer, Collect, 3d Sunday after Epiphany)

  18. William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
  19. Mass for five voices: Sanctus & Benedictus

  20. Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
  21. In ieiunio et fletu (Matin Responsory, first Sunday in Lent (after Joel 2,17)

  22. William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
  23. Mass for five voices: Agnus Dei

  24. John Taverner (c. 1490-1545)
  25. O splendor gloriae (Anonym (afger Geb 1,3; 2,8, Ps. 145,5, 1 Pet. 2,24 etc.)

  26. Bonus Track, iTunes store
    William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
  27. O Lord, make thy servant Elisabeth

Performing editions prepared by Stile Antico, except as follows.
William Byrd Mass, Ave verum corpus: editions prepared by David Fraser
Orlando Gibbons, Almighty and everlasting God, O clap your hands together: The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems
Thomas Tallis, In ieiunio et fletu, edition prepared by David Fraser
Robert White, Christe qui lux es et dies [IV]: reconstructe & edited by Edward Tambling
Robert White, Portio me, edition prepared by David Fraser

Playing time: 74'34" (+ 3:11 for the Bonus Track)

stile antico:
Helen Ashby, Kate Ashby, Rebecca Hickey Rebecca Hickey, sopranos
Emma Ashby, Eleanor Harries, Katie Schofield altos
Jim Clements, Andrewe Griffith, Benedic Hymas, Benjamin Clark (3-4, 7,8, 9, 11-14), tenors
Will Dawes. Timothy Murphy, Matthew O'Donovan, Graham Bier (9,12) basses

Recording site and date:
St. Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, England [November 2012];
Rel.: July 2013


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