L'Âge d'or du Madrigal

The Golden Age of the Madrigal
Monteverdi ; Marenzio ; D'India
Concerto Vocale
Harmonia mundi "Musique d'abord" HMX 290 8027 / 29 [CDx3]


    This a CD box containing 3 previously issued recordings:

  1. Harmonia mundi HMA 190 1011 [CD] Sigismondo d'India: Duetti, Lamenti & madrigali
  2. Harmonia mundi HM 1065 [LP] Luca Marenzio: Madrigaux à 5 voix
  3. Harmonia mundi HM 1085 [LP] Claudio Monteverdi:

Playing time: ??' ??"

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Rel.: 1999

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Pierre-F. Roberge