Unica Hispaniae

Unica Hispaniae
Alia Música - Miguel Sánchez
Harmonia Mundi "Ibèrica" 987021


  1. Cedit frigus hiemale (6 voices)
  2. Agnus Dei - Christi miseracio (3 voices)
  3. Omnipotens fecit / Plaudite (6 voices)
  4. Plange Castella misera (voice)
  5. Belial vocatur (4 voices)
  6. Instrumental (2 vihuelas)
  7. Flavit auster (2 voices)
  8. Ovibus pastoris / Pro ovibus (6 voices)
  9. María virgo virginum (3 voices)
  10. Sanctus - Cleri cetus (3 voices)
  11. Instrumental (2 vihuelas, lute)
  12. Gloriose matris Dei (5 voices)
  13. Salve porta / Salve salus / Salve sancta parens (3 voices)
  14. Patrum sub imperio / Pro patribus (6 voices)
  15. Instrumental (organetto)
  16. Da castitatis thalamum (2 voices)
  17. Agnus Dei - Ave Maria (6 voices)
  18. Virgo sidus aureum (3 voices)
  19. Instrumental (2 vihuelas)
  20. Dominus gloriae / Domino quoniam (2 voices, chorus)
  21. Resurgentis Domini (3 voices)
  22. Instrumental (organetto)

Performers: Albina Cuadrado (voice), Carolina del Solar (voice), Esperanza Garcia-Salmones (voice), Angel Iznaola (voice), Flavio Oliver (voice), Jose Antonio Carril (voice), Carlos Ghiringhelli (voice), Miguel Sánchez (voice, lute), Alba Fresno (bowed vihuela), Carlos Garcia (voice, bowed vihuela, organetto)

Playing time: 75'

Recording date: June & July 1999 (Zaragoza)

This program concentrates on the primary manuscripts of Ars Antiqua polyphony in Spain, Las Huelgas and Madrid. Especially in the case of the former, many works are direct copies of the central French repertory. However, the present program selects only those works appearing alone in Spain, and so attempts to reconstruct some contours of a native Spanish style as distinct from that of France. In addition, some accompanying plainchant is included, as well as instrumental interludes improvised according to Las Huelgas material.

Excerpts (from original release):
[2], [8], [21]-[22] Harmonia mundi "Ibèrica" HMX 298 7054 [CD] El camino de Alia Musica

A recording devoted entirely to the Madrid Codex:

Códice de Madrid
Grúpo de Musica Alfonso X el Sabio / Polifonistas de Barcelona - Luis Lozano Virumbrales
Sony "Hispanicá" 60074

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