Dietrich Buxtehude VII - Orgue historique d'Arlesheim

Dietrich Buxtehude VII - Orgue Historique Silbermann de la Domkirche d'Arlesheim
Cantates, Préludes et Fugues
René Saorgin
Harmonia mundi HM 945 [LP]


    Dietrich Buxtehude:
  1. Prélude et Fugue in F Major
  2. Chorale prelude: Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (BuxWV 196)
  3. Canzone in C Major (BuxWV 166)
  4. Canzone in D minor (BuxWV 168)
  5. Fugue in B flat Major
  6. Chorale fantasia: Ich danke dir, lieber Herr (BuxWV 194)
  7. Ciacona in E minor (BuxWV 160)
  8. Chorale fantasia: Ich danke dir schon durch deinen Sohn (BuxWV 195)
  9. Chorale fantasia: Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern (BuxWV 223)
  10. Chorale variations: Nun lob meine Seel' den Herren (BuxWV 213)

Playing time: ??' ??" app.

René Saorgin (organ)

Recording site and date:
Orgue Historique Silbermann de la Domkirche d'Arlesheim, The Netherlands [1976 or prior]; may never have been released as a separate recording.

Harmonia mundi HM 7 505 (HM 942 - HM 945, HM 30 700 - HM 30 701, HM 34 741) [LPx7] Dietrich Buxtehude - L'Oeuvre d'orgue
Harmonia mundi HMX 290 1484 - HMX 290 1488 [CDx5] Dietrich Buxtehude - L'Oeuvre d'orgue

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