Ciconia - Dunstable - Dufay

Ciconia - Dunstable - Dufay
A. Deller, A. Wenzinger, M. Majer, G. Flügel
Schola polifonica - Henry Washington, dir.
His Master's Voice HMS 25 [78rpm, 30cm]

Matrix number (printed on label):
side 1: 2EA 14571-1
side 2: 2EA 14252


    Chansons of the 15th century

    Johannes Ciconia (m), Giustiniani (t) (ed. Westrup)
  1. O rosa bella

  2. John Dunstable, now attr. to John Bedyngham (m), Giustiniani (t)
  3. O rosa bella

  4. Dufay

    Guillaume Dufay:
  5. Ave, regina coelorum

[1]-[2] Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), August Wenzinger (viols), Marianne Majer (viol), Gertrud Flügel (viol)
[3] Schola polifonica - Henry Washington, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[2] No. 3 Studio, Abbey Road, London, UK [04/03/1950];
[3] Unknown [12/15/1950] Rel.: 1953

[1]-[2] EMI / His Master's Voice "The HMV Treasury" HLM 7234 [LP] Alfred Deller - The Early Recordings: 1949-1953.
[1]-[2] EMI Classics "References" 7243 5 65501 2 4 [CD] Alfred Deller - HMV Recordings, 1949-1954.

His Master's Voice HMS 20-31 [78rpm x12, 30cm] The History of Music in Sound - Vol. III. Ars Nova and the Renaissance

Reviewed in:
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 31/361-5 (Jun 1953)

Information from the booklet provided with the compilation, and Jerome F. Weber for [3].

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