Burgundian Chanson 15th century

Burgundian Chanson 15th century - Johannes Ockeghem
Ensemble Pro Musica antiqua de Bruxelles - Safford Cape, dir.
Renaissance Singers - Michael Howard, dir.
HMV-Gramophone HMS 26 [78rpm]


    Burgundian Chanson: 15th century

    Gilles Binchois:
  1. Filles à marier

  2. Guillaume Dufay:
  3. Pour l'amour de ma doullce amye

  4. Johannes Ockeghem

    Johannes Ockeghem: Missa "Fors seulement"
  5. Kyrie

Playing time: ??' ??"

[1]-[2] Ensemble Pro Musica Antiqua de Bruxelles
Safford Cape, dir.
[3] Renaissance Singers [Bernard Walton (C Clarinet), Ernest Dalwood (C Clarinet), John Ashby (trombone), Arthur Wilson (trombone), Frederick Mansfield (trombone)] - Michael Howard, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[2] Abbey Road Studio 3, London, UK [09/12/1949]
[3] Unknown [1952 or prior];
Rel.: 1953

HMV HMS 20-31 [78rpm x12] The History of Music in Sound - Vol. III. Ars Nova and the Renaissance

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.): 35-415 (12/1957, as HLP-5)

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